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Beatroot Home Spa

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1747/9 Chan Kao Road

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Destination home. Your healthy getaway. Full spectrum of boutique wellness home. Green view, natural-air, high ceiling yoga studio + cardio dance. Previous classes have included candlelight yoga, detox flow yoga, power flow yoga, 90’s dance, Beyoncé dance, Hair Spa

Healing natural spa therapy (monthly by Chiva Som Guest Therapist)
Fresh Cold pressed juices, outdoor lounge


Kaffir Lime Foot Soak + Aloe Vera Scalp Mask + Coconut Oil Head Massage+ Hair Wash


 Kaffir Lime Foot Soak + Coconut Oil Head Massage + Hair Wash

"Hot Stone Healing Oil Massage"

Sea Salt Flower Foot Soak & Scrub, Hand Scrub


OFF - PEAK discount

Monday - Thursday 9 am - 4 pm

"ALOE COCO"  90min  850 THB >>799 THB

"Hot Stone Healing Oil Massage" 90min 1 750 THB >>1 299 THB

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 Kaffir Lime Foot Soak + Coconut Oil Head Massage + Hair Wash

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Beatroot Home Spa
1747/9 Chan Kao Road

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