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18 Soi Sukumvit61 ,Sukumvit Rd., Klongton Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

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Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw Mission: we're the one for eye surgery operated by specialized ophthalmologists to solve the problems directly. Also, we do take care of skin and beauty by the experienced dermatologists to deliver the best result.

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Body Treatments

Machine Indiba Helps reduce cellulite Slimming Treatment for body pain relief Slimming after the birth. Break down body fat And localized fat reduction.

CoolSculpting is an innovation to get rid of excess fat from the body. Without surgery or liposuction But using technology to reduce the excess fat that accumulates in the subcutaneous layer By using a vacuum to pull the skin where you want to reduce excess fat into the application between the heat sink. To control the temperature around the surface of the skin. By using the coldness of a freezing point minus 11 to minus 13 degrees Celsius, the cold wave will go down deep into the fat layer Directly into destroying fat cells Without affecting the neighboring tissues Then the body will drive fat cells from the body through the lymphatic system. The excreted fat cells will not return permanently.


บท็อกซ์ Xeomin anti-wrinkle and reduce jaw imported from Germany. Certified for efficacy and safety from FDA, USA and more than 20 countries. Including the FDA of Thailand. Acts to inhibit neurotransmitters that cause muscles to contract Helps to reduce wrinkles on the face. Whether wrinkles around the forehead Wrinkles around the eyes Wrinkles between the eyebrows And helps to reduce the jaw Shape the face to lift V-Shape. The drug has been researched and developed to be the smallest and most pure molecules. Therefore can work specifically And give high naturalness Without residue in the body.

Eye Treatment

Lovely Ulthera Eye Lock is an innovation for lifting around the eyes and revitalizing the skin structure around the eyes. That invented a specific technique for lifting by Dr. Ruang Khao Together with a skin doctor It is an innovation that has been certified by the US-FDA as an innovation used to effectively lift eyebrows. With ultrasound technology that emits heat energy deep into the SMAS layer, the tissue in the treatment area becomes tighter. And also helps to restore collagen in the skin, resulting in the skin around the eyes to tighten, wrinkles can be effectively reduced, does not cause pain, and does not require recovery.

Thermage Eye Reborn is the emission of RF waves. (radiofrequency) in the right depth To the skin around the eyes causing the contraction of bags under the eyes Causes the fat bag to become smaller, loosen the wrinkled top skin To make the skin under the eyes look smoother Stimulates the skin to lift the eyebrows and skin on the eyelids. Make the double eyelid more visible And the RF energy that is sent deep down Also helps the eye muscles to exert better Making the eyes look bigger as well Including stimulating the production of collagen under the skin Resulting in firmness in the long run as well

Face Mask

At Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic, we have invented specific face mask formulas for each skin type, such as Vit C mask, Albutin mask, Cavier mask and Hya mask, etc. to solve the problem. And revive the skin to be white and clear Looks younger and naturally smooth.

Facial Treatments

O2Jetpeel is the use of high-pressure water. Sprayed onto the face to send oxygen into the skin. Helps increase oxygen in the skin Eliminate blackheads Suitable for all skin types Even sensitive skin because of no side effects And does not cause irritation to the skin.

Pico Plus makes laser treatment for freckles, dark spots, tightens pores. Skin rejuvenation from acne holes And removing tattoos more efficiently Can access the pigment that is densely arranged Which is the cause of melasma, freckles, black spots or even tattoo removal With enormous speed. Causing the pigment molecules to break down thoroughly Allowing the body to be easily absorbed and eliminated from the body Without accumulating heat There are no side effects, does not hurt and does not cause sunburn. In addition, Pico Plus also stimulates the production of collagen under the skin. Increases the smoothness and clarity of the skin as well.

Thermage is a treatment program for the face and neck. With tightness, adjust the face shape, reduce wrinkles Stimulate the creation of new collagen in the deep layers of the skin. Resulting in naturally tight skin.

Ultrasound is a treatment technology using ultrasound with Focused Ultrasound energy and precisely by releasing energy reaching the collagen layer under the skin to the joints of the upper muscle. (SMAS / Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) Which is the same class that the surgeon did for facelift surgery And at a present there is no other lifting technology available at the same level Thereby helping to stimulate the production of new collagen Causing wrinkles to be slower And helps the damaged skin to return to its original state Reduce the problem of sagging skin Be tightened up without surgery.


Wonder Hifu results in wrinkles reduction. Tighten the skin, reduce the age of the skin, restore wrinkles, deep grooves, such as the area of ​​the cheeks to be shallow quickly. Without side effects.


Meso Fat is to reduce excess fat on the face and wattle. It also helps to nourish the face concurrently. Due to a mixture of amino acids and hyaluronic acid.

Meso Bright is to restore the skin radiance. Restore dry and damaged skin back to be soft, moisturized as well as help reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

Therapeutic Massage

Traction is a treatment for curvature of the spine, degeneration, deterioration or structural adjustment in the body. Suitable for patients with spinal problems Orthopedic pillow And the nerves are pressed Or patients with muscle spasms.

Indiba Activ Therapy is an innovative physical therapy that works down to the cellular level. Helps to relieve inflammation, reduce pain or muscle injury. Tendons and bones Can treat both acute and chronic symptoms Is a deep rejuvenation to stem cells using the Proionic system that uses radio waves at the frequency of 448 kHz.Can provide deep treatment at a level that other technology cannot With high security Through various electrode heads that are suitable for patients in each case by Qualified Physical Therapist, URBAN Relax & Relieve Physiotherapy Specialist.

Quick Relax & Relieve is the treatment of aches due to office syndrome. With modern tools such as electrical stimulation machines Ultrasound machine And Shock wave massage the muscles to relax. And reduce muscle tension.

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