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PAÑPURI ORGANIC SPA Lobby Level, Gaysorn, Ploenchit Rd. Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 THAILAND

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Pañpuri Organic Spa welcomes you to experience unparalleled luxury in the first luxury spa to use the highest quality, authentic organic spa products available, in a warm, sensuous, and soothing environment. Exclusive, secluded and private, Pañpuri offers a cocoon of luxurious comfort and relaxation.

The luxury of the Pañpuri skincare and aromatherapy range is enhanced, and your experience enriched, by our inspired massage therapies, offering a delectable range of natural Thai and Oriental influenced massage techniques, including Traditional Thai Massage, Indian Ayurvedic Massage, Indonesian Balinese Massage, and Japanese Shiatsu Massage. These massages and other Easterntechniques, combined with our unique blend of pure, organic, infused oils, deliver a truly exotic and memorable experience.

From the moment you enter a Pañpuri Organic Spa, everything you feel and touch is pure and gentle, every extravagance engendering a feeling of well-being as you surrender yourself to the caring and experienced hands of our expertly trained therapists. Our desire is to help you reach an enlivened feeling of total renewal and rejuvenation.

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avaliable from 10am to 2pm, Monday to Thursday

บุ๊คนวดไทย นวดน้ำมัน นวดอโรมาที่ดีที่สุดในกทม. ชิดลม,เกสร กับปัญญ์ปุริวันนี้

Featured Services
Hot Stone Massage
 A perfect treatment to relieve deep-seated tension and muscular stress, volcanic hot stones are placed on your chakras to rebalancethese vital energy points and improve the flow of Chi. A combination of hot stone and aromatherapy oil massage helps release muscletension while inducing overall body relaxation using our Organic Blend of Geranium Massage Oil. The treatment is concluded withcranial Shiatsu points stimulation on the face to restore vitality.Organic Tea Tree Foot Ritual ∙ Seven Chakras Harmonizing HotStone Massage ∙ Organic Refreshment
Aromatherapy Massage

Natural healing forces and aromas are used to release tension and eliminate stress. Using a combination of Thai and Balinese acupressure techniques with our uniquely-blended, Organic Lemongrass-Infused Oil, your body will enjoy the sensation of powerful kneading strokes and invigorating hand movements working to stimulate blood circulation and to increase muscle flexibility. Tension and muscle spasms will melt away, leaving a feeling of complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy the distinctively Thai aromas as you complete your journey with our specially blended organic tea.

Not all journeys are spiritual; especially long-distance travel may leave your body feeling the effects of jet lag. Open your energypathways and relieve tired muscles with this skillful combination of tension-relieving techniques. Allow yourself to slip into oblivionwhile your muscle stress melts away under a warm herbal body compress. A full Thai aroma body massage employing longkneading strokes and acupressure, particularly on the legs, lower back, neck, and shoulders, is complemented with Aromatherapyusing our unique Organic Vetiver-Infused Blended Oil. Enjoy the calming aromas as you complete your journey with our organictea and feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated.
Aroma Oil Massage

Mali Moonlight Massage is our most popular massage. The ultimate in pampering, this treatment combines traditional Thai massage and aromatherapy techniques, to ensure absolute relaxation. Surrender your body to the rhythmic waves of a full body massage. After, drift away to the exquisite scent of our rare, and pure Organic Infused Jasmine Oil with aromatherapy massage techniques. Allow the healing hands of our therapist to float above you, absorbing your negative energy, and reopening your energy pathways. You will feel totally at one with yourself and enjoy the lasting effects and scents of our sensual aromas as you complete your journey with our organic tea.

Deep Tissue Massage

Pure and simple. Harnessing the soothing effects of rose absolute blended oil, this treatment applies a combination of Thai massageand Lomi-Lomi, which works gently, yet deeply, into the muscles, perfectly embracing Hawaiian and acupressure techniques. Allworries are left behind and you are left with a feeling of total peace and relaxation. Enjoy the seductive aromas as you completeyour journey with a cup of our organic tea.

Neck, Head & Shoulder Massage
The neck, head, and shoulders are home to important energy centers in the body that may be blocked by stress, causing tensionand stiffness. Using our unique blend of Organic Lemongrass-Infused Oil, this traditional form of Thai massage applies pressurepoint massage techniques to relax and revitalize your body. With your energy pathways reopened, and your senses reawakened,enjoy the aromatic scents and complete your journey with a cup of our organic tea.Organic Tree Tea Foot Ritual ∙ Klai Kangwon Neck, Head & Shoulder Massage ∙ Organic Refreshment
Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is based on the belief that the body contains constantly flowing energy or ‘Chi’ which unites with reflex points in the feet.

Using our unique blend of Organic Lemongrass-Infused Oil, acombination of thumb and finger massage techniques delivers an

invigorating yet relaxing massage. You will feel your stress leaving your body through the soles of your feet as increased blood

circulation improves your vitality. Your journey is made complete with a warm and soothing organic tea.

Organic Tea Tree Foot Ritual ∙ Issara Leg & Foot Destressing Massage ∙ Organic Refreshment

Men Facial
An express facial designed especially for men. This gentle treatment combines the luxurious properties of Pañpuri’s anti-aging skincarerange and natural, organic products in a carefully designed facial treatment to cleanse, treat, and uplift your skin in an energizingfacial treatment. The rich and botanical essences found in Pañpuri’s skincare line, along with powerful antioxidants will defend thecellular structure of the skin against premature aging to preserve an active and youthful look.
Anti Aging Treatment

Break the cycle of oily skin while enjoying the anti-aging benefits of our specially developed facial that restores your natural

balance and rejuvenates your skin. The unique therapeutic properties of our natural, Organic Jasmine Rice Poultice are combined with a

Shiatsu facial. The facial applies brisk hand strokes that move in a smooth upward motion to lift and rejuvenate, helping to combat

the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful treatment effectively combines specialized pressure and drainage techniques

that help absorb excess sebum to regulate and balance the skin. Your skin will look radiant and feel smooth and you’ll be ready to

turn a fresh face to the world with a renewed look of serenity and inner peace.

Even normal skin can benefit from our unique anti-aging facial. An enchanting treatment inspired by Thailand’s most sacred flower,the delicate Thai Jasmine Blossom, Pañpuri captures and enriches the legendary healing and aromatic virtues of the purest whiteblossoms’ essence to create a potent antioxidant and hydrating compound that boosts the skin’s defenses against aging. After deepexfoliation, removing excess dead skin, your skin is gently hydrated using a warm poultice made from organic herbal and pure, naturalingredients. This facial uses a combination of Shiatsu techniques and brisk hand strokes that move in a smooth, upward motion tolift and rejuvenate, helping to combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Gentle lymphatic drainage techniques help reducepuffiness, and minimize the signs of premature aging. Your journey completes with your skin appearing instantly younger, firmer, andmore luminous.

Regardless of your skin type you can enjoy this specially developed facial to elicit a look of youthful, healthy, and richly-moisturizedskin. Our luxurious anti-aging skincare range, and unique natural organic facial poultice, combines the most luxurious botanicalessences for skin care with powerful antioxidants to defend the cellular structure of the skin against premature aging and preserveits youthful appearance. In combination with the rejuvenating and uplifting benefits of aromatherapy and pressure point facialmassage techniques, this invigorating facial helps to combat the effects of free radicals while nourishing skin with abundantvitamins and minerals. Your skin will look well-moisturized and firmer with a radiant glow as your journey is completed.

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Panpuri Organic Spa
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