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Find a new branch from VIE Slim Beauty Spa at Siam Paragon 5th Floor “VIE Movie Spa”! 

Feel tired after shopping? Waiting for the movie to start is boring? VIE Movie Spa can provide you the solution! Private treatment room, 4 types of great massage include VIE Slim Perfect, VIE Perfect Face, VIE Massage Therapies, VIE Extra Beauty Treatment, with our professional therapists together to provide you luxury spa atmosphere and impressive services.

Book now and enjoy at VIE Movie Spa today!

Body Treatment


V-Shape face can happen with us with our special facial massage. You can see results for the first time.

Oil Massage that will help to reduce freckles together with body shape massage that will help you to feel relax and getting slim at the same time.


For one who wants to moisturize the skin i.e. smoother and radiant skin. We have more than 5 scrub selections to meet your skin’s need.



For one who has body shape problems whether it is a whole body or specific part of body. We will take care of your body with more than 7 steps treatment. You will see result from the first time.

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Vie Movie Spa
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