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10th Floor Foodland Building Sukhumvit 16 Klongtoey

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When you really need to unwind, book a massage or seek out the therapeutic qualities of hot springs that have drawn connoisseurs of natural steam rooms for centuries. At Y Spa you can soak in the culture of the East through a variety of distinctive theme rooms, divided into zones combining the indulgent luxury of a bygone era with the modern conveniences of contemporary design. 

Hanoki Room: The fibers of the wood release smells that provide relief from the symptoms of bad colds, viral infections of the respiratory system, sinusitis, asthma and migraine headaches, in addition to promoting relaxation.

The Salt Room is modeled on the rock salt caves in the Himalayas. It is considered the best salt for healing and providing relief from symptoms, especially respiratory and lung diseases, allergies, and skin diseases.

Red Clay Room (Laterite) helps set somatic equilibrium. Its release of ions makes the body more alkaline and stimulates blood circulation. It contains hydrogen peroxide which assists in the destruction of toxic substances. It is assists in skin care and resisting the development of wrinkles.

Charcoal Room:  The carbon in charcoal is extremely pure. Carbon can absorb micro-organisms, malodorous smells and bacteria so that they dissipate from the body.

Hot Room: The benefit of sitting in a hot room is that its gets your heart working faster which pumps the blood harder and to accommodate this increase in blood flow.


Cold room: It is simply a different way to deliver cold to the body, and although an extreme experience, some argue that when it’s done in series it’s a more effective, intensive therapy.

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Y Spa By Column Bangkok
10th Floor Foodland Building Sukhumvit 16 Klongtoey

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