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If you would like to pay by credit card installment, here is selected credit card providers.

Credit Card Installment Terms & Conditions

  • Payment terms is 4 to 6 installments, the number and amount of each installments will be determine by the service’s price and bank’s interest rate. The minimum service price for credit card installment is over 3,000 bath (not included VAT).
  • Customer can do up to 6-month installment for a service price over 3,000 bath.
  • The available choice of credit card installment option and credit card providers are depended on the merchant policies.
  • Services purchased using credit card installment cannot request for cancellation and refund under any circumstances.
  • Services purchased using credit card installment cannot request for exchange or transferring to cash under any circumstances.
  • In case of dissatisfaction on services, GoWabi will not be responsible to refund. Customer must request for a refund with the merchant directly.
How To Pay with Credit Card Installment
1. Select a service you would like to purchase with price over 3,000 bath
2. Select “Installment Plan” on Payment at checkout page
3. Select “Bank” and “Payment Term”
4. Place “Order” to complete paymemt

Payment Methods:

  • Pay Online (credit card / debit card)
  • Alipay
  • Rabbit LINE Pay
  • Internet Banking
  • Bank Transfer
  • Pay At Salon
  • Credit Card Instalment

    Counter payment, ATM payment, Transfer payment and Mobile Banking are not available at this time with our application. We accept online pay by credit and debit card, or payment may be made directly to the salon in cash. We are soon to add more payment methods for you.

    We require OTP when paying online, so please ensure that your payment card is enrolled for OTP. Payment may also be rejected due to the wrong credit card number or some missing information. Please double check the information entered. If payment cannot be made please contact us at 02 821 5950 from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM or through the Line Application (Line ID: @gowabi) where we can answer your questions.

    It’s depended on services and shops. All services under flash sales deals aren’t available for Pay At Salon. In the other hands, some shops prefer online payment to cash payment.