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Arom:D Artisan Spa (Naiipa Art Complex)

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Naiipa Art Complex, 46 sukhumvit, 2nd Floor, Building b, Prakhanong, Bangkok

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Journey to a remarkable of blissful life experiences.

arom:D life : The asia's award winnings aesthetic clinic, spa and aromachology.

arom:D life : The world’s first and award winnings academic spa. Offering a holistic experiences of products & services that tailored for the needs of urbane lifestyles. We do believe in ‘moods’ which ‘reflects ‘life’. If ones have good mood, this will lead to good life.

Swedish massage

A full relaxing body massage which help to create a sense of well being by increasing blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, improving muscle tone, skin tone and total relaxation.

Face Massage

A sensational experience combining our most luxurious radiance boosting and anti-aging facial techniques with crystal stone facial massage and the certified organic ingredients

Thai Traditional Massage

This fully relieving massage incorporates acupressure, stretching and skin rolling massage strokes performed by our therapeutic artisan with the assist of Wooden Sculpt including the use of Thai gold.


This luxurious, nurturing massage technique uses pure warm oils combined with Ayurvedic techniques. The addition of a vitamin and mineral rich hair and scalp, you will be achieved supreme relaxation and noticeable health restoration to your hair. This massage is excellent for insomnia and chronic headaches.

Spa Package

*Exclusively at Naiipa

Natural Golden Honey Scrub (30 min) + Thai Golden Wood Massage (60 min) + Golden Honey Facial (60 min) 

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Arom:D Artisan Spa (Naiipa Art Complex)
Naiipa Art Complex, 46 sukhumvit, 2nd Floor, Building b, Prakhanong, Bangkok

Mon 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM

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