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soi somdej phrachao taksin 19, Charaenakorn, 46 banglumpoolang, klong sarn 10600

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ร้านสักคิ้วสไตล์น่ารักอบอุ่นเหมือนมานั่งบ้านเพื่อน ใช้ผลิตภัณฑ์คุณภาพดีไม่เป็นอันตรายกับผิว ติดทนนาน1-2ปี และยังมีบริการลิฟท์ขนตา สักปาก สักขอบตาอีกด้วย

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Eyebrow Tattoo

Embed the color of the eyeliner to be natural or flick like a thread. You don't have to wake up and write a liner every morning.

The latest eyebrow tattoo technique developed to address the limitations of 3D eyebrow tattooing. The same six dimensions

Advantages of the Hair strokes technique

1. The eyebrows are created with dimension, light and shadow by drawing with a digital tattoo machine. There are various line patterns to suit various eyebrows of customers.

2. Skin is the least traumatized of all eyebrow tattooing methods ever.

3. Has come to solve the problem of people with oily face, large pores, difficult tattooing skin who want to get beautiful wavy eyebrows. Because the old three-dimensional, six-dimensional eyebrow technique will not have a tattoo problem In some cases where the client's skin is oily or very thin while tattooing has a higher blood pressure than usual.

4. Color is not distorted Because when doing almost no bleeding

5.Can get hit with water after the procedure Do not be careful when taking a shower. Just don't rub the cleansing foam or soap directly on your eyebrows within the first 5-7 days.

6. When peeling, there will be no flakiness compared to other methods.

7. Suitable for people who like fluffed eyebrows that have the most natural beauty like they were born with beautiful eyebrows.

8. Not suitable for people who like sharp eyebrows. Exact shape, sharp edges

9.It can last for 1-2 years Depends on the skin condition and face oiliness of each person.

A popular eyebrow color implantation technique known as three-dimensional, six-dimensional, is natural. Suitable for sensitive skin, not very oily.

Skin that is still tense and has modest eyebrows would be great for microblading.

The technique of embedding eyebrows in a gradient, dark, medium, light from the tail to the brow Have a natural dimension The colors used are translucent pigments, so they don't look like the old ones. It will be like drawing eyebrows with a powder eye shadow. Suitable for all skin types. Including very oily or difficult skin

Techniques that combine lines and gradation For maximum naturalness, suitable for all skin types.

Lip & Eye

Most Thai women have a dark lip color problem even with fair skin. Lip color implantation can solve the problem very effectively, effective from the first treatment. But many people fear that the pain and swelling will hurt with the current technique, the customer will be very little pain and not much pain and swelling like in the past. The new color implantation technique was not emitted while working. New digital tattoo machine and good quality color imported from USA, Germany.

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soi somdej phrachao taksin 19, Charaenakorn, 46 banglumpoolang, klong sarn 10600

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