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A111 The Coast Village Bang Na, Bangkok 10260

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Lash Our is the No.1 natural beauty salon in Bang Na area.

A complete beauty salon that offer services such as gel polish, nail painting, eyelash extension, lifting wax, and hand and foot spa, in which our shop uses organic colors and products. Children and pregnant women who want to enhance their beauty can receive our services.

Eyebrow Lifting

The eyebrows are set to rise, adding a new dimension to the eyebrows. Along with eyebrow designing and shaping services from the shop. After the procedure, you can brush the shape according to your needs. The lifting lasts for 1-2 months.

Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow design, waxing service, helps keep eyebrows in beautiful shape for a long time. No need to waste time trimming or plucking them frequently. Make the eyebrows more shaped. The shop also offers an eyebrow design service before waxing the eyebrows as well. Also, there is an eyebrow mask after the treatment is done, helping to nourish the skin well.

Eyelash Extension

Natural eyelash extensions, using the strand by strand technique to smooth them out with real lashes. The shop uses premium grade mink extensions from Japan, light, comfortable, not heavy on your eyes.

The shop will have eyelash shape designs for customers or can choose their own shape. There will be Everyday look, Korean look, Sexy look. LashOur focuses on naturalness, but gorgeous!

Eyelash Lifting

LashOur-style gives curly lashes. Whether your lashes are short, long, or do not curl, after lifting, the lashes will curl throughout the day, while also making them healthier, stronger, and curling for 1-2 months.

Face Waxing

Designing and waxing to help shape the face and make the face contour clearer. Eliminates hair on the forehead to create a beautiful hairline. Makes the face looks slimmer, more beautiful. The shop uses products imported from Australia.

Gel Nails

Gel polish for hands and feet, unlimited colors, including glitter colors. The shop uses organic colors from Japan, America, safe for pregnant women and children. The products are harmless and have no pungent smell.

Nail Packages

Gel nail extension service with imported products does not damage the real nail plate. This is including nail art. You can choose the pattern or let the technician help design. The shop uses organic colors from Japan, America, safe for pregnant women and children. The products are harmless and have no pungent smell.


The best of hand and foot spa that includes heel cleaning and polishing services. The spa helps make the skin look radiant, exfoliate skin cells, add moisture, and relax the muscles. Eliminate excess skin such as cracked heels, the shop uses organic products imported from America, safe for pregnant women and children.


Arm waxing / Leg waxing makes the skin smooth and radiant. Exfoliates the top layers of skin cells to help loosen the dirt. Helps to grow slower. The shop uses standard products from Australia.

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A111 The Coast Village Bang Na, Bangkok 10260

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