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43/9 Moo 22, T.Robwiang , A .Muang Chiangrai, Chiangrai city 57000

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Natural Thai Spa is devoted to offering a memorable spa experience to each and every client, with highly skilled and hands-on therapists who make use of the best skin care products available. It serves as a sanctuary where the clients can relax both body and mind.

Spa Etiquette

• Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to allow you to register, change and begin your spa experience at the appointed time.

• Arriving late may limit the time of your treatments. Your treatments will end on time so as not to inconvenience the next guest. However, if no guest follows your booking, you can enjoy the full duration of your treatment time.

• The treatments you select are reserved especially for you. A 50% charge will be collected for treatments not cancelled four hours in advance.

Featured Services
Aroma Oil Massage

This treatment perfectly combines the three most effective spa therapies: Swedish massage, Thai massage and Aromatherapy. The kneading and rubbing of Swedish massage brings relaxation and healing; pressure-point therapy of the Thai massage stimulates the acupressure points along energy lines which can deplete muscular stress and dissolve blockages. Aromatic therapy can help to fight depression, relieve aches, manage pain, improve blood pressure, and much more.

Body Scrub

Body Scrub exfoliates the dead skin cells using various combination of sea salt, essential oils, water, skin brush or loofah to massage the body and to nourish the skin, improve circulation, cleanse and tone even the most sensitive skin.

Face Massage

Facial relaxation improves the complexion of your face as it includes gentle exfoliation and moisturizer followed by a facial massage. 

Foot Massage

Foot massage will pamper your feet and revive your tired muscles and restore the flow of energy.It results in improved mood, less anxiety and lower blood pressure and goes beyond simply putting people in a relaxed state for the duration of the massage.

Hand Massage

The highlight of this gentle massage is conducted for hands to create a pleasant sensation and refreshment for the important organs of body.

Hot Stone Massage

This full-body massage using Basalt stones will instill a deep level of calmness while relaxing tight muscles,removing blockages and dissolving stress. Allow yourself to feel renewed and energized through the healing properties of these natural, volcanic stones.

Neck, Head & Shoulder Massage

The highlight of this gentle massage is conducted for head, neck and shoulder to create a pleasant sensation and refreshment for the important organs of body.


Thai Herbal sauna is believed to soften the skin and cleanse body impurities while relaxing tensed muscles.

Signature Treatment

A natural coffee body scrub and aroma hot oil massage with hot herbal ball. It makes you enjoy the smell and touch of coffee. To nourish skin to appear healthy and relaxed. 

Body Scrub 60 mins + Aroma Hot Oil Massage with Herbal Ball or Hot Stone Massage 60 mins

First, this treatment will gently reduce wrinkles and remove dead skin and bodily waste with a scrub. After which you will get to enjoy a hydrotherapy with your chosen bath, followed by a body massage with pure oil. Finally, raw herb ball which is a speciality of Natural Thai, warms the body and promotes the release of toxins. This is the most popular treatment on our menu.

Thai Herb Sauna 20 mins + Body Scrub 40 mins + Aroma Bath Whirlpool Spa 30 mins + Aroma Massage and Herb Ball 90 mins

This is the ultimate beauty program which finishes with organic scrub and hot oil aromatherapy manufactured in Natural Thai Chiang Rai branch. Body massage makes you feel younger and livelier and Natural Thai imperial facial massage can create beautiful skin.

Body Scrub 60 mins + Aroma Massage 60 mins + Facial Treatment 60 mins

Powerful yet you may feel the pleasure of recovery. A combination of Thai Massage techniques and aromatherapy. King of Natural Thai Spa is a treatment that relieves stress, uncovers muscles that have been tied together with organic herbal balls, while at the same time lowering muscle tension with hot massage oil.

Thai Massage 60 mins + Aroma Massage + Herb Ball or Hot Stone Massage 60 mins

Spa Package

A natural coconut body scrub that cleanses and moisturizes your skin. Fresh coconut and hot herbal balls make you feel tense muscles and aches.

A quick reward for the day for guests who want to experience the art of reflexology and stimulate pressure points under a limited time. This series of treatment helps with body circulation, relieves stress and reinvigorate the body for days to come.

Foot Massage 45 mins + Hand Massage 15 mins + Back & Shoulder Massage 30 mins

Thai Traditional Massage

This is a whole body massage. After the massage, a warm pouch of steamed Thai herbs is pressed against the body meridians. This type of herbs is said to be particularly good for sore muscle, aches, increasing blood circulation, and toning the skin.

Thai Massage is influenced by Chinese and Indian healing arts, which involves a combination of stretching and acupressure techniques. The massages are oil free and performed on a mattress, and loose pajamas are worn. This massage is a back and leg massage only unlike the Thai Herbal Massage which is a whole body massage.

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Natural Thai Spa & Cafe'
43/9 Moo 22, T.Robwiang , A .Muang Chiangrai, Chiangrai city 57000

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