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The Parkland Ratchada-Tha Phra 222 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Dao Khanong, Thon Buri, Bangkok 10600

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การบริการดีมากค่ะ สะอาด น้องทำดีใากค่ะบอกทุกขั

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Phikul Beauty helps you relax. and take care of both your face and body with us

Phikul Beauty, a full-service spa in the Thonburi area. Can travel easily

With a very relaxing atmosphere decorated in a natural style, Phikul Beauty is ready to take care of everyone, starting with the careful and perfect selection of products used in the spa. To provide the best to all Phikul Beauty service users.

Not only the most relaxing atmosphere, Phikul Beauty has selected professional masseuse experts. High experience Specially trained Massage to relieve aches and pains Stress relief massage perfectly

Phikul Beauty is ready to help you abandon your physical and mental fatigue. With facial massage, neck and shoulder massage services


Great value! Special discount promotions from Phikul Beauty at GoWabi and read reviews from real users.

- Great value promotions

- Special price discount

- Receive cash back credit after using the service

- 0% installment payment for up to 6 months for services with a service fee of more than 3,000 baht.

- There are reviews from real users that are trustworthy.


Terms & Conditions:

• All purchases and treatments cannot be amended.

• These vouchers cannot be used with other promotions.

• Show your voucher from email or GoWabi app for verification

• Appointment has to be booked in advance. The shop contact details will be available in your “GoWabi’s Booking Confirmation email or My Booking page”

Featured Services

Facial Treatments

Facial treatment Helps relieve fatigue from daily life Suitable for people who want to relax their facial skin from stress and are starting to worry about premature aging.

Add radiance and moisture to the facial skin With concentrated extract treatment that helps reduce wrinkles Ready to lift and tighten and restore youthfulness to the facial skin

Treatment that restores moisture to the skin Prepare the skin for makeup with a deep vitamin pushing technique. Reveals fresh, bright skin Look youthful

Skin care treatment with coldness of minus 5 degrees helps tighten pores. Stimulate the creation of collagen Elatin under the skin Reduce redness and inflammation of acne.

Face Lifting

The science of manual facial massage throughout the program. There is an upward massage direction. Helps tighten sagging muscles. Stimulates the creation of collagen under the skin. Reduces spasticity and creates muscle flexibility.

Restore facial skin to be white and bright. With 99.99% pure gold treatment, it helps add nutrients to the skin. Treats dry, oily, peeling faces. Helps balance blood circulation throughout the face. Effectively reduces pain in the eyes, eyebrows, temples and migraines.

Gua Sha

Skin lifting and tightening massage With natural jade stone Helps remove toxins from the body Makes blood flow better Ready to reduce wrinkles By massaging in an upward direction. It will help tighten the sagging parts of the face.

Office Syndrome Massage

Relieve muscle aches and pains in the neck, shoulders and shoulders, stimulate the blood circulation system. Makes blood flow better Helps stretch and relax tense muscles in the neck, shoulders and shoulders.

Head, Back & Shoulder Massage

relaxing massage Can relieve back pain It is a massage that focuses on breaking down the fascia in the neck, shoulders and helping stimulate the production of collagen under the skin.

Hand Spa

Reveal your soft, moisturized skin. With a body scrub that is rich in various minerals. Helps make your hands smooth and soft to the touch.

Foot Spa

Treat both feet. Exfoliate old skin cells Reveal smooth, soft skin on your feet ready for various activities with your favorite pair of shoes. or pool party

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Phikul Beauty
The Parkland Ratchada-Tha Phra 222 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Dao Khanong, Thon Buri, Bangkok 10600

Mon 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Tue 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Wed 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Thu 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Fri 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Sat 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Sun 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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การบริการดีมากค่ะ สะอาด น้องทำดีใากค่ะบอกทุกขั้นตอนในรัหว่างทำค่ะ ทำแล้วเหนผลเลยค่ะ\nแวะมาอุดหนุนอีกแน่นอนค่ะ

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