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Nimmanahaeminda Road, Su Thep, Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50200

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Rainbow Nails, a nail salon, eyelash extension, spa, opened for more than 9 years.

Quality gel color, organic product, baby can do, pregnant woman can. Technicians have 10 years of experience

Impressive service Above all Resonable price And has a variety of packages to meet customer needs

Products that the shop uses Is a leading product Colors imported from America, Korea, Japan through MSDS, increase the durability for customers.

For the spa, we will focus on choosing natural, organic, moisturizing and brightening products, imported brands from America and England, OPI CND HOT SUGAR SPA.

Including care in every step of the spa treatment From the heel scrub, the leather cut mask, and the massage to add relaxation to the customer, every step will be the most special service and there is a special signature heel polishing service. Can do both women and men To be liked by customers

Eyelash service There are eyelash extensions, eyebrow lifting, wax removal, using foreign brand products. At leading salons use Safe and the best quality only. The shop pays attention to the hygiene of customers.

International standards of cleanliness, safety, 100% confidence, equipment is sterilized before and after every service. The atmosphere inside the shop Spacious, relaxing, suitable for relaxation and relaxation.

Terms & Conditions:

• This voucher can be used within 2 months after purchase. 

• All purchases and treatments cannot be amended.

• These vouchers cannot be used with other promotions.

• Show your voucher from email or GoWabi app for verification

• Appointment has to be booked in advance. The shop contact details will be available in your “GoWabi’s Booking Confirmation email or My Booking page”

Featured Services

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Extension+Gel Color (Unlimited Color)

*This service does not include nail polish removing, nail painting, accessories, special colors, metallic colors, cateye colors, and glitter

Arm Waxing

Under arm Waxing Using premium quality wax which is sensitive to skin and slow down the hair growth.

Lower Arms Waxing Using premium quality wax which is sensitive to skin and slow down the hair growth.

Back Waxing

Back Waxing Using premium quality wax which is sensitive to skin and slow down the hair growth.

Eyebrow Lifting
Eyelash Extension

Rainbow Nails uses premium glue, imported from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, that has good properties such that it holds the extensions to real lashes very well and won’t irritate your eyes. Also, we use our special technique of glueing extensions to real eyelashes very neatly, glue won’t be visible.

*This service does not include eyelash extension removing

Foot Scrub

Cracked Heels (Man) * Signature Program

foot scrub for man 

Leg Waxing

Lower Legs Waxing Using premium quality wax which is sensitive to skin and slow down the hair growth.

Normal Polish

Normal OPI Nail Polish Hands or Feet

Normal OPI Nail Polish from America, unlimited colors, service on hands or feet

*This service does not include nail polish removing, manicure or pedicure, nail painting, special colors, metallic colors, cateye colors, glitter, and accessories


PVC Extension+Gel Color (Unlimited Color)

*This service does not include nail polish removing, nail painting, accessories, special colors, metallic colors, cateye colors, and glitter


helps treat these conditions by increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles and reducing stiffness in joints. It can also help with minimizing muscle spasms and inflammation, and to treat sprains and pulled muscles.

Paraffin wax therapy can be particularly effective for those suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Regular paraffin hand treatments can help relax joints and relieve pain in hands before physical therapy and exercise. They can also help with lowering fluid retention and flushing toxins, which can reduce swelling.

**not include manicure&pedicure



Step 1: Consultation

Have your client fill out the Footlogix Pedicure Information Form. This will identify any medical conditions or allergies and help you to understand your client’s foot care needs. Spray Footlogix Shoe Deodorant into client’s shoes to refresh footwear for after the service.

Step 2: Evaluation

Spray feet with Footlogix Foot Deodorant, remove polish and perform a thorough foot evaluation of the skin and nails. Note any unsightly nails or rough and peeling skin. Learn the Three R’s with Footlogix: Recognize, Recommend and Refer.

Step 3: Preparation

Add one pump of Footlogix Foot Soak into a foot bath. Soak feet for 5 - 10 minutes (or less than 5 minutes if the client is Diabetic). The Footlogix Foot Soak hydrates feet and softens calluses, making cuticle work and callus removal easier and less time consuming.

Step 4: Exfoliation

Remove feet from footbath and gently pat dry. Dispense one pump of Footlogix Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub into palm of hand. Apply in a circular, upward motion onto the feet and up the legs. Add water to emulsify pedi scrub as desired. Rinse product off legs and feet, and pat dry.

Step 5: Application

Spray Footlogix Callus Softener around toe nails, onto calluses and dry skin on the sole of the foot. Let absorb for 2-3 minutes. Once the skin is no longer wet but slightly tacky, use the Footlogix professional foot file to reduce calluses. Reapply Callus Softener as required. It is not necessary to rinse the Callus Softener off, as it will continue hydrating with cumulative, long-term effects.

Step 6: Preparation

Cut toenails and clean around nails in the groove, under the free edge and along cuticles.

Step 7: Rejuvenation

Apply Footlogix Very Dry Skin Formula to foot and massage the mousse into skin. Pay special attention to dry and callused areas and spaces between the toes.

Step 8: Moisturization

Use two to three pumps of Footlogix Massage Formula as the final pedicure stepand massage into the feet and legs. The Massage Formula is non-greasy but has enough slip for a 5-7 minute massage.

Step 9: Beautification

If client desires, apply nail polish to toe nails. While it is drying, go over the recommended Footlogix foot care products the client should use at home.

Step 10: Continuation

Using the Footlogix At Home Care Pad, check off the recommended foot-care products to be used at home and instruct the client on how to use them. Any specific instructions may be written on the back of the form and given to the client, to conclude the Footlogix Professional Pedicure.



OPI Pro Spa Skincare Hands&Feet

OPI Organic Spa suitable for using on sensitive skin, during pregnancy, and on children

 OPI ProSpa Signature 

Hands and Feet spa products with deep nourishing, will leave your hands and feet relaxed using special scent

"Citrus Herbaceous" 

- Nail cutting and shaping

- Cleansing

- Salt-soak spa

- Skin scrub

- Skin mask

- Manicure & Pedicure

- Lotioning

- Massaging

Hot Sugar Hands & Feet Spa + Normal OPI Nail Polish Hands & Feet (Unlimited Colors)

Famous Spa from England, “Hot Sugar” Spa

Exfoliate dead skin, the warmth from the organic sugar spa helps deep-cleansing and brightening the skin, and the Neroli Essential Oil helps moisturizing and reviving the skin

Nail cutting & shaping


Salt-soak spa

Hands & feet scrub

Hands & feet mask

Manicure & Pedicure



Unlimited OPI (from America) colors

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Rainbow Nails Chiang Mai
Nimmanahaeminda Road, Su Thep, Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50200

Mon 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Tue 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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