The One Sand Bath

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The One Residence, 319 Sri Nakarin Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

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Japanese Hot Volcanic Sand Bath

Volcanic Sand Bath produces the electromagnetic spectrum of solar radiation called "FAR Infrared", it is the 'chi' energy in humans and animals, also emitted from sunlight. We can be exposed to FAR Infrared heat for an hours, and it will never cause out skin to burn. FAR Infrared heat is completely healthy and safe for all living things.



FAR Infrared  from volcanic sand expands capillaries/excellent for detox/stimulates enzyme activity and metabolism/ promote the killing many pathogenic(disease causing)-bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasite. FAR Infrared promotes rebuilding of injured tissue.  Relieves nervous tension/strengthen immune system/strengthen cardiovascular system.



The main benefits of sand bath therapy is to detoxify, pain relief, and increase blood circulation in body. The heat from the sand is over 55 Celsius which causes the body to sweat out toxins by increasing blood circulations. Nowadays, people eat a lot of junk food and medicine which forms chemical toxin in our body. By using sand bath you can detox all chemicals in the body. The increase in blood circulation will decrease lactic acid in your body and will result in pain reliefs. Unlike typical massage this decrease in lactic acid would make your body much comfortable.


Find and book your health and body treatment, scrub, foot massage services with The One Sand Bath and Theraphy in Srinakrin area with the professtional therapist today!

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The One Sand Bath
The One Residence, 319 Sri Nakarin Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

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