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Kind and nice staff, clean space.

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Wongkwan Clinic "Where beauty meet art and science"

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Acne Treatment
A special program to treat acne, reduce inflammation of acne and clogged acne. Excellent, helps to make the skin smooth. Black marks and red marks have faded. While adjusting the oil balance on the face in place Take care of acne problems like experts.
6 Steps
1. Cleansing Milk to deep cleansing suitable sensitive skin.
2. Acne GA peel to dissolves clogging in the pores and gentle exfoliation
3. Retreat Spay to increase moisturizer
4. Acne Mask to absorbs toxins in the pores
5. Acne extraction
6.Tea Tree Anti Acne Mask to inhibits bacteria.
7. Acne injection
Free! nourishing product
A skin rejuvenation program from the effects of sun exposure. With targeted treatment using special skin nutrients.
Release cooling therapy with U system semiconductor and ozone that helps repair skin and helps fight free radicals. After continuous service, sensitive skin will be stronger and reduce inflammation. Reduce enlarged blood vessels Reduces irritation, redness, itching and irritation. Can use cosmetics or acne medication without allergy.
Ultimate Golden Lifting is program to lift face skin till neck area to adjust face structure to be younger, restore the skin, reduce wrinkles, dark spot to be healthy skin. Also treatment to slowdown, relax muscles abd adjust face shape to be V-Shape with treatment combined with 3 innovation
1. Dermashock from Golden spoon to bring Electropolation to push vitamin into the skin with liposome
2. Ultrasonic
3. Cryo machine combined with quality cosmeceuticals certified as a gold ore derivative natural extracts and anti-oxidants from plants, natural minerals, vitamins necessary for the body such as licorice, Kojic acid, Arbutin, Vitamin C, E, Placenta, Aloe Chamomile, Hyaluronic acid and Coenzyme q 10 to nourishing.
The result after do Ultimate Golden Lifting
- The skin will firming, slowdown skin cell and wrinkles
- Skin brightening and reduce dark spot, freckles, blemish
- Detox Lymph circulation by Golden Spoon technology
- Push vitamin up to 10 cm. by using gold micron particles that are rapidly absorbed into the skin with Superphono, Golden Spoon, Bio Stick, Electrical wrie
Glam & Wink Collagen Booster Eyes Treatment help to reduce wrinkles, dark spot on eyes area and stimulate collagen, Elastin and Hyalunic to make your eyes brightening with Phono Phoresis machine is high frequency sound waves to push vitamins to nourish the skin. This program help to reduce dark circles and bruises around the eyes also reduce wrinkles. The result will happen immiediately.
Free! nourishing product
Supreme White Treatment to nourish skin to be whitening, reduce melanin pigment under the skin with whitening agent certified by worldwide FDA to stimulate collagen under skin layers with 3 innovations to strengthen the skin, youthful skin, increase moisture, tighten pores, reduce blemishes, freckles and dark spots.
1. Phono Phonophoresis
2. Cryo machine
3. Ozone
Free! nourishing product
Soothing Therapy Treatment is special treatment to relax skin by Cryo machine with Semicomductor systems to strengthen and reduce irritation with vitamin help to skin smooth, moisturizer and strengthen the skin with cold technology to reduce inflammation, enlarged blood vessels and change sensitive skin to be strength
Free! nourishing product
Melasma Corrector Treatment to reduce freckles, blemish, dark spot and acne scars with Tranexamic acid, Arbutin, Licorice, Placenta ,Vitamin A to stimulate collagen and elastin.
Melasma Corrector Treatment help to
- Reduce dark spot and adjust skin tone
- Brightening the skin
- Increase collagen to the skin
- Reduce wrinkles
- Tighten pore and firming skin
Free! nourishing product
Acne program to reduce acne, clogged acne help the skin to be smooth, reduce dark spot, redness and balance the skin.
6 Steps
1. Cleansing Milk to deep cleansing suitable sensitive skin.
2. Acne GA peel to dissolves clogging in the pores and gentle exfoliation
3. Retreat Spay to increase moisturizer
4. Acne Mask to absorbs toxins in the pores
5. Acne extraction
6. Acne injection
Laser Treatments
Light wave which is suitable for all skin types Help adjust the skin color to be white and clear. Stimulate the creation of Collagen Elastin under the skin.
Deeply makes the skin plump, healthy, not harmful to skin cells, whether there are sunburn problems. Melasma, veins, reduce dullness, redness, and hyperpigmentation help effectively.
The advantage of the E-Light Laser Step Advance is a high energy laser that does not scab, blemishes, or hyperpigmentation. Help Skin tightening, Pores, Collagen stimulation. There is no bruises and customer can expose to the sun, normally see results after 30% of the procedure.
Laser spot clear to treat inflammation acne and dark spot by Dual Yellow Laser (USA. Copper Bromide Laser) from USA to distribute 2 wavelength which are green wavelength to reduce melanin pigment under skin layers and yellow wavelength to reduce redness. Dual yellow help to reduce dark spot and redness it can make your face whitening immediately.

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Kind and nice staff, clean space.

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