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299/1 Supalai Veranda, Rattanathibet Rd, Muang, Nonthaburi 11000

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Yuwan Cinic service with care for every service, beautiful and safe, adjust your beautiful face the way you want.

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Featured Services

Juvederm filler is a filler imported from America. With hylacross technology, Juvederm has high flexibility due to the gel texture. It is featured in the smoothness, which is suitable for people with wrinkle problems, caused by age-related changes, and who want to adjust the face shape. It is commonly used to fill cheeks or marionette lines
Restylane filler, one of the certified filler brands, is often used to re-shape the entire face and rejuvenate the skin to maintain a youthful appearance. The brand is good at lifting the skin.
Filler brand e.p.t.q. (epitique) is a filler from South Korea. It is an interesting new filler. Because it uses ZEEP technology (Zero Endotoxin & BDDE Entire Process) production process, the filler is safe. There are no harmful residues and the Hyaluronic Acid (HA) molecule used is USFDA and EDQM certified with a concentration of up to 24 mg/ml.
Neuramis filler is good quality and affordable filler. It delivers instant result after the first injection due to the high-quality hyaluronic acid. Because it provides a hard texture and no anesthetic, Neuramis is suitable for filling facial deep folds such as the wrinkles on the cheeks, temples, and chin.
IV Therapy
Intense Vitamin C drip with Vitamin B1&B2 is to enhance antioxidants, slow down aging and prevent wrinkles. This vitamin injection nourishes the skin and makes clearer skin together with increse the immune system to strengthen the body to reduce allergy, prevent common cold and other viral disease.
Vitamin injection or intravenous vitamin therapy (Intravenous Vitamin Therapy) is the delivery of vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body through the saline line directly into the bloodstream. Which has the advantage of making the amount of vitamins, minerals or other substances complete as needed, and can also choose a vitamin formula to suit the benefits and needs that are specific to each person as well.
Made Collagen is an Italian brand used to make mesotherapy. It will be injected with a special technique to stimulate collagen production at 16 points to add moisture to the skin to get a bright face. Moreover, it can reduce acne and allergies while add nutrients, and detox the skin.
Made Collagen activating through 4 steps
- Detoxification
- Metabolism
- Nutrients and Cell therapy
- Restructuring
Thread Lifting
A thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that aims to lift and sculpt the shape of your face or breasts. It is a non-surgical procedure designed to combat the signs of ageing in the face and neck areas by lifting and tightening the skin, making it look younger, smoother and healthier.
HIFU (High-Intensity Focus Ultrasound) is the process of using safety ultrasound waves to lifting your facial area, which will stimulate deep into the SMAS layer to slim your face. It leads the facial skin lifted and tightened, which makes a youthful appearance while motivating collagen production.

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Yuwan Clinic
299/1 Supalai Veranda, Rattanathibet Rd, Muang, Nonthaburi 11000

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Yuwan Clinic

Yuwan Clinic focuses on providing top-quality services and offers personalized advice tailored just for you. Our team specializes in customizing บท็อกซ์ experiences to meet the individual needs of each guest. Yuwan Clinic emphasizes service quality, location, and the professionalism of our team.

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GoWabi has gathered quality establishments that excel in products, services, and locations. Additionally, we have collected reliable reviews from actual customers who have used Yuwan Clinic to help you make an informed decision when choosing Yuwan Clinic GoWabi carefully selects services at the best promotional prices for you.

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