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<br>Expand Customers Based

Expand Customers Based

GoWabi has site visited more than 500,000+ per month from the customers who looking for online services

Growth Sales

Growth Sales

We can enhance your business service to increase the growth rate of sale and boost your business by GoWabi campaigns and promotions that we offer in every month.

Free Marketing and Online Visibility

Free Marketing and Online Visibility

You will receive FREE marketing on our Application, Website, Facebook, and Instagram and other digital marketing channels!

Fill your empty slot

During the Off-peak why not fill those empty slots with GoWabi by providing promotion of the services only during specific hours during the day

More Repeat customers

Happy customers will come back to you and will increase word of mouth and tell their friends about your shop! They can also review your services on our platform so you improve your online reputation!

Guarantee ZERO% Risk

We want to help grow your business with no risk. There are no financial obligations with GoWabi, listing on our platform is FREE – We only charge you once you receive bookings.

Reduce no show

We have the booking process that also operated about money transactions that customers need to pay for the service first and then appointment to reservation with the shop

Top Rated Awards

GoWabi has Top Rated awards in each year for the partners that have performance meet the criteria, so it will make your business more interesting and reliable

Review on GoWabi

We have reliable reviews on the GoWabi and also have reviews from influencer of GoWabi

GoWabi Partner App

GoWabi provide easily management for your business by Merchant Application that you can manage your booking

Your services on GoWabi can be promoted on other platforms

When you promote with us, we also provide other platforms for our partners such as Shopee and Lazada

We are proud partner with Google

GoWabi lets clients easily find your business and book an appointment DIRECTLY from Google Search and we also have support from google about advertise and others

We can support you!

If you do not know how to set the price the match with your customers

If you need online marketing platform or channel to promote your business

If you need to choose the photo to promote your service

SELLER Benefits!

Top Rated Awards

GoWabi provide “Top Rated Awards” in every year for the partners with the review and rating meet the criteria of each category. We also provide Top Rated category in application that can lead customers to see your service easily!

GoWabi Reviews

GoWabi provide the review system for customers in application with reliable reviews. From the review, new customers are easy to make decision to use the service and can repeat the current customer as well. Moreover, your business will become more well known from the reviews and word of mouth of customers.

Influencer Marketing

We promote your business through influencer more than 100+ persons with over 1,000,000+ followers by using  Facebook, Twitter, other our social platforms and also include about the blog from GoWabi 

Free Marketing consult !

We provide you free marketing consult for your marketing strategy, how to set up the price to match with the customers and boost up the sales , and other business problems. We have specialist on marketing field to provide counsel to your business. We also gathering the customers data based for business analysis and adjust with future marketing plans. 


Our partners


  • Develop application features for more convenience of customers and sellers
  • Expand customers based and location
  • More seller than 2020!

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Great deal, great service Professional staff and relax atmosphere definitely come back and strongly recommend


Great promotion, Worth the money. Good atmosphere, helpful, love it and will come back again!


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