GoWabi & Reserve With Google partnership elevates spa & beauty booking in Thailand

Grow your customers & increase sales with Reserve With Google by GoWabi!


In partnership with Reserve With Google, you can now have your services booked through Google Search and Google Maps. This integration lets our partners expand their customer base, easily reaching millions of users in Thailand, drive increase in revenue and still have a convenient booking management solution! At GoWabi, we strive to find ways to help you promote and grow your business.

Why merchants should join GoWabi for Reserve With Google?

Better Discoverability on Google Search & Google Map

Make it easy for people to find your store on Google and offer informations about your store, such as opening hours, address, phone number and more, on the world's most popular search engine, Google. Google is also adding a "Book Online" button with the Google My Business tool, which helps customers not just finding your store but also can book appointments immediately when customers search for the store both on Search and in Google Maps.

Expand Your Customer Base

Whatever people are looking for these day whether it's a massage shop, an eyelash extension, massage & spa, or a nail salon, they may use Google to find this. That's what makes Reserve with Google so powerful and effective. When people search for services or store on Google, Your store listing will have a chance to be discovered so that people who are looking for can make instant reservations and appointments. Without leaving the Google page.

Convenient Appointment Scheduling

Whenever customer makes a reservation, reminders are automatically set on the customer's and merchant calendars and can easily make changes to the appointment schedule with reminders to the other side. Every booking will be recorded to see the performance.

Increase Revenue

90% of customers would like to book online. Online selling leads to more sales and more savings. For example, Reserve With Google can set reminders on a customer's calendar and reduce no-shows by up to 80 percent. Bookings through Google, it makes the booking process simple, straightforward and fast without having to go to another website. This will help increase your sales and expand your business.

Stand out from the Competition

With the Reserve with Google tool, your store will stand out from the competition from result of Google search & Google map. it gives you a huge competitive advantage. When people search for a service and see a "Book Online" button on your store. With this, customers will have a chance to click on your shop.

How to use Reserve With Google


1. Register for Google My Business

Register for Google My Business. if you already have an account with having GoWabi selected to be the Booking provider, Data from GoWabi will automatically synced to Google. Your services and prices in GoWabi website will be saved on Google My Business and a “Book Online” button will be added automatically. You can start tracking the results of your booking now. If you don’t have a booking provider to help manage your appointment, you’ll see a button on your home screen asking you to sign up.


2. Select a Booking provider

Register with your booking provider from the list on Google My Business. Once you’ve signed up, your account will be eligible for bookings through Google. Check back for a new booking button on your service within a few day.


3. Track your booking

If your service has been booked by customer, you will see and can keep track of all bookings coming through Google in Google My Business.




Expand Customers Based

GoWabi has site visited more than 500,000+ per month from the customers who looking for online services


Growth Sales

We can enhance your business service to increase the growth rate of sale and boost your business by GoWabi campaigns and promotions that we offer in every month.


Free Marketing and Online Visibility

You will receive FREE marketing on our Application, Website, Facebook, and Instagram and other digital marketing channels!


More Repeat customers

Happy customers will come back to you and will increase word of mouth and tell their friends about your shop! They can also review your services on our platform so you improve your online reputation!


Fill your empty slot

During the Off-peak why not fill those empty slots with GoWabi by providing promotion of the services only during specific hours during the day


Guarantee ZERO% Risk

We want to help grow your business with no risk. There are no financial obligations with GoWabi, listing on our platform is FREE – We only charge you once you receive bookings.


Reduce no show

We have the booking process that also operated about money transactions that customers need to pay for the service first and then appointment to reservation with the shop


Top Rated Awards

GoWabi has Top Rated awards in each year for the partners that have performance meet the criteria, so it will make your business more interesting and reliable


Review on GoWabi

We have reliable reviews on the GoWabi and also have reviews from influencer of GoWabi

Apply to become a partner with GoWabi

Do you want to experience and have your bookings integrated with Reserve with Google? Contact us at LINE Official @gowabi and receive consultation from our industry leading consultants now!