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78 Charoen Prathet Rd, Changklan, Muang, Chiangmai 50000

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The origins of our name Srimantra Spa comes from Pali language. The word Sri stands for Siri which means prosperity. As for the word Mantra, which means wisdom. Srimantra Spa has been created in Chiang Mai with the idea to keep traditional wisdom of Lanna Thai massage techniques.


At Srimantra Spa, ancient Lanna massage techniques are mixed with the modern science of healing sound of  pyramid crystal guided meditation.


Designed as a cave of tranquility in the real heart of Chiang Mai city our Spa provides the luxury of space and timelessness in its private spa suites. You can relax in a cave style architecture and enjoy the view of birds and trees, right by your window while being at walking distance to famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.


For your total relaxation, our spa treatments include a selection of oils, based on a strong connection with nature, flowers and herbs. Enjoy a single treatment or choose one of our a packages, our services include scrubs, wraps, massages, facials, milky bath and herbal steam. A treatment at Srimantra Spa gives you the feeling of serenity and well-being you have always been looking for.

Featured Services
Oil Massage

Aromatherapy oil massage with Plai oil (Thai Herbal ). Great for healing from muscle pains,bruise, atiffness and reduceinflammation.    


• Body scrub (45 min)  

• Aromatherapy oil massage (60 min) 

• Facial Treatment (45 min)

• Crystal Body Scrub 30 min.

• Body Wrap  30 min.

• Milky And Floral Bath 30 min.

• Aromatherapy Oil Massage 60 min

• Facial Treatment 60 min

• Relaxation foot massage (30 min)   

• Aromatherapy oil massage (60 min) 

• Head massage (30 min)

Spa Package

This package begins with 5 flowers body scrub to renew your skin .Then relax with floral and miky bath ,Finally a warm aroma rose candle massage makes you feel totally relax.

The candles act as aroma therapy,allowing you to relax . A massage performed with aromatic candles has many advantages. The skin becomes elastic,soft to touch,and smell of pleasant aroma.Candles massage brings relief for dry skin.It deep relaxation and it also helps cellulite

• Five Flowers Body Scrub 30 mins.

• Milky and Floral Bath 30 mins.

• Aroma Candle(Rose) Massage 60 mins.

The idea for this package comes from the wisdom of Lanna. The first step is a herbal steam bath, which can effectively promote blood circulation, slow down muscle stiffness and reduce joint pain. Followed by a Thai Lanna massage, this massage focuses on the physical condition of the body with specific stretching and bending. What’s more, the pace of the massage will be as slow as the lifestyle of the Lanna people. After the massage is finished, the body will be pressed moderate so that the body’s temperature will increase, making the expansion of the capillaries, herbal medicine through the skin into the body is absorbed. This can clear the joints, reduce muscle spasms, reduce pain, reduce muscle inflammation caused by edema and improve blood circulation effectively.

• Thai Herbal Steam  30 min

• Traditional Lanna Thai Massage  60 min

• Thai Herbal Hot Compress  30 min

This package is aimed at people who want to nourish their skin with an aromatherapy massage (5 kinds of essential optional) to make it completely relaxed. The first step is the use of gem-style scrub on the skin to clean and scrub it, this step is conducive to exfoliating dead skin, reduce dark spots, so that the skin can be smooth and the skin color more evenly. After that, the body will be soaked in milk, which is an important step of skin care, it adds moisture to the skin while also relaxing the skin. Finally, the essential oil massage with an aroma of essential oils which can relax the body step by step. Essential oil aroma combined with massage will make the client feel really relaxed.

• The Crystal Body Scrub 30 min.

• Milky and Floral Bath 30 min.

• Aromatherapy Oil Massage 60 min.

The treasure of Srimantra is the most favorite treatment for the relaxation. It touches the soul and creates a healing process to reach the true balance of the mind and body. This is a 5-hour package. Doing so this package has a wide diversity of treatments. This package including Thai foot reflexology, Traditional Lanna Thai massage, Herbal steam, Signature Body Scrub, Milky bath, Srimantra signature massage and Face massage.we are using the Crystal Pyramid sounding and vibration for cell healing, organ and body regeneration and full relaxation. This helps you to feel more relax and it raises your concentration.

• Thai Herbal Steam 30 min.

• Body Scrub 45 min

• Milky Bath 30 min

• Relaxing Foot Massage 45 min

• Traditional Lanna Thai Massage 60 min

• Signature Massage 60 min

• Face Massage 30 min

• Crystal Body Scrub 30 min.

• Body Wrap  30 min.

• Milky And Floral Bath 30 min.

• Aromatherapy Oil Massage 60 min

• Facial Treatment 60 min

Thai Herbal Ball

Herbal massage are known to provide deep relaxation while relieving stress and improving health. Traditional Thai massage acupressure combined with the use of heated herbal compress balls.

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Aromatherapy Massage

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